The mobile travel package, which remains low-cost, is wifi because it is free. In recent years, free wifi hotspots have continued to multiply all over the world. If you don't have your phone with you, you can count on the free wifi of the hotels and from time to time the cybercaf├ęs. It is not luxurious, but you will see that it is an almost universal access in the world. In different countries, public hotspots are much more advanced than it is much easier to take a mobile plan. Restaurants, hotels, public parks and often on the streets, the possibilities are numerous. If your need for internet access is reasonable, wifi is more than enough. Afterwards, if you need to travel permanently or if you are travelling to more remote areas, another facility of Internet access through mobile networks may be essential.


Using your mobile travel package during a stay can be important from time to time in case of an emergency alert or just to stay connected. Before your departure, it is necessary to activate the international option from your customer space according to your operator. This action is important if you want to continue making and receiving calls. There is also the functionality to activate or block mobile internet from abroad. Three options are available, blocked mobile internet, activate it for use from abroad (conditions set by the operator) and activate it, but block internet access. However, for travel outside Europe, the invoicing is different. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is therefore preferable to look at the price list for calls and internet from abroad through the operator's website. For those who travel regularly, it has several international mobiles offers at profitable prices.


In countries where the cost of living is lower, the use of prepaid sim card is much more efficient to access the Internet and call locally at low cost for a mobile travel package. It is easy to get a prepaid sim card to arrive, it will be activated instantly. Obviously, it won't be a French number you'll get with the local sim card and there's no way to call your friends on their landlines or mobiles. A double sim phone is the best solution for this lack, but it is not as mandatory. In addition, the majority communicate with the family through Skype, messenger, vibrate or other means during a trip. This is the reason for choosing to use the phone for local calls and mobile internet.