Because finding an Internet package at an attractive price abroad is often part of the fighter's experience, Pocket Wi-Fi is a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that provides users with a private network. It is designed to accompany travellers in all their journeys. This small modem is as light as it is easy to use: it slips into your pocket or suitcase and is forgotten until you need it. Visit if you are interested in knowing further more information about pocket Wi-Fi. Compared to traditional Wi-Fi solutions available abroad, Pocket Wi-Fi is light and very discreet: it weighs less than 100 grams and is smaller than a mobile phone. The Wi-Fi terminal offers eight to ten hours of autonomy. Travellers can use it all day long until they return to the hotel. Its cost is controlled: depending on the options chosen, the rental costs between 5 and 8 euros per day. It thus makes it possible to save roaming charges, which are often very high, and avoids invoices outside the surprise package. The equipment is compatible with all Wi-Fi terminals: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and iPods and game consoles. Up to ten simultaneous connections are possible, to share the connection with all travel companions. The Pocket Wi-Fi offers access to a private and secure network. The Pocket Wi-Fi is rented: the reservation is made on the website, indicating the start and end dates of the rental, as well as the delivery method. The modem is delivered to the address of your choice, at least one day before departure. In the case of a French traveller travelling abroad, Pocket Wi-Fi will be delivered to his home the day before his departure. The device is returned by post at the end of the stay, in an envelope provided by the company. Payments are made online, by credit card, in a secure area. The Pocket Wi-Fi can be booked and cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the rental period.