Published on : 04 November 20192 min reading time

There are different rules that apply depending on the situation if you want to be able to drive abroad. If you want to travel and drive outside France, it is useful to find out more about the validity or otherwise of your driving licence in European countries or in the rest of the world.


The French licence is valid for driving abroad in all member countries of the European Economic Area. For a short stay, there is no limit to the validity of the permit, but only real permits are accepted by foreign countries, in the case of a long-term stay the permits issued in the European Economic Area are mutually recognised, so the French permit is valid, but if the latter is an old model your country of residence can limit the validity of your permit to the validity of the new European permit models.

For areas outside Europe, the situation may change depending on each country. Some countries allow you to use your French licence for a limited period, other countries require an international licence. Before you go there, find out about the embrace sites of each country.


The international licence is a translation of the French licence for driving abroad, it is used in countries that do not accept the use of the French licence. It may be awarded to persons who already have a national licence that has never been suspended, cancelled or withdrawn. In order to obtain an international driving licence, you need to go the closer administrative centre.


The rules of conduct may differ from one country to another. To drive abroad, it is useful to know the different traffic regulations in force in each country. For example, in the United States, the priority on the right does not exist, it is the first to arrive first, in Russia the acceptable blood alcohol level is zero, in England you drive on the left instead of the right, and in Germany there is no speed limit on some expressways. So before going to a foreign country, find out about the different rules of conduct in your destination country.