Are you looking for creative, enriching but also original activities for your family? The owners of the house are always looking to bring their families closer together. Indeed, with the daily routine, parents and children can no longer find the time to be together, in some cases even to see each other. Family activities during weekends or even during holiday periods are therefore welcome. Walks, excursions, visits to historical sites, hikes in nature or in the mountains, cycling, picnicking, etc. All this can be interesting, but the ideal activity that will delight everyone would be camping. To go camping, it is necessary to get essential equipment. But which ones?

Camping equipment

Camping means tenting. When you go camping, you sleep in a tent, so this equipment is the key equipment. But don't forget the accessories and small assembly equipment: stakes, mallets, sardines, etc. In order to settle comfortably, a mattress would be welcome. And to make transport easier, why not opt for individual sleeping bags or air mattresses? With well-slept pillows, the night's sleep would be comfortable, warm and peaceful. Otherwise, black will deprive you of many things if you don't bring a flashlight or another shape of lamp. If you plan to camp for several days, plan a broom to keep the area clean and a rope to hang your clothes.

The essential

Of course, clothing is required when travelling and camping. But still, it is important to choose them well. How, take light clothes that are easy to dry, such as T-shirts, light pants, etc. This way, you can wash them in the evening, and they would be all clean in the morning. Hygiene is also very important, so get the necessary equipment: toilet paper, toothbrush, etc. Do not forget the first aid kit for injuries or animal bites. Your life or that of your family could depend on it. And something you must not forget at any cost is your administrative, identity, and car documents.


And yes, to travel and camp, you also must cook or at least grill something. What to bring then? If you like to eat or dine with a chic family, bring a folding table and folding chairs that are easy to store. Otherwise, stones or dry leaves would be enough to serve as chairs around a wood fire. To cook or for a good barbecue, you need a suitable stove and pots. To enjoy good food, it is essential to have dishes. For travel, the ideal would be plastic cutlery that is super light but efficient. For breakfast, a thermos that keeps the water warm would be the best. And finally, it is important to bring the necessary equipment for the dishes: sponge, dish liquid, bowl, etc.