Inspired by the famous adventurer Robinson Crusoe de Defoe, robinsonnade is a way of life that lacks all the comforts of everyday life and leaves room for adventure. Currently, the adventure trip is appealing to many people through books and real life. Here is in a few words what this concept hides.


The word Robinsonnade is taken from Daniel Defoe's book on the adventurer Robinson Crusoe. Written in a colonialist context, this book seduced a large part of the population because it shows a promise of a better life so that they can discover new riches offered by a still virgin and hostile nature to all civilizations. Robin Crusoe is a shipwrecked man lost on a deserted island and forgotten by all. This oblivion has allowed him to survive on his own and depends on himself in an environment where he will have to adapt to survive. He had to create his own world and establish his own rules to deal with it.


Shortly afterwards, the style spread to give rise to many inspirations and a literary genre. Writers seem to be inspired by this image of a desert island where civilization is non-existent. Several books talk about it to make you travel between words: characters who find themselves alone in front of themselves and who are forced to survive. They reveal Man's great ingenuity in the face of nature, his way of taming it, of adapting to it, and his great ability to find his own society. These novels have become sources of inspiration for the modern population to live an adventurous life.


Currently, the Robinsonnade trip is very popular. Discover a place that is not necessarily known, alone or in groups to experience many adventures. The great challenge is to be able to survive with the essentials and above all far from civilization. Courage, determination and resourcefulness are the key words that must motivate all lovers of robinsonnade. The journey is outside their safety zone, daily comfort and outside of society so that they can be a "survivor" like the great Robinson Crusoe. This is, in general, the principle of this adventurer's way of travelling. Robinsonnade has become a state of mind for great adventure lovers and those who are sceptical about all forms of civilization.