Escape and going away: these are everyone's dreams with this routine and ultimately stressful life. That is why thousands and thousands of families go on vacation every summer. It is also the reason that leads young lovebirds, newlyweds and couples to spend time away from everything, just as lovers to enjoy unforgettable moments together. What could be chicer and calmer than having a good time on a deserted island! It is a perfect opportunity to be alone on a beach with your family, spouse or lover. However, for an expedition to a desert island, instructions must be followed to the letter, and precautions must be taken to avoid putting yourself in danger.


Travelling on a desert island is all there is to it for an unforgettable holiday! Not only will you have the beach all to yourself, but you will also can enjoy other very rewarding and extraordinary activities. You can, for example, go hiking. And you will only discover wonders! Deserted islands are full of endemic plants, trees, insects and animals that are not found in other parts of the world. Apart from that, on a desert island, we very often discover waterfalls and flowing streams that are very clear, very clean, ideal for swimming. But even then, on a deserted island, you can enjoy delicious fruits and vegetables. You can also hunt or fish, then cook outdoors and enjoy delicious grilled meats or other dishes to your taste. There are several unheard-of desert islands around the world, including the Caribbean, Reunion Island, the Maldives and the Faroe Islands. You can discover the Faroe Islands very well with the residents, so there is no reason to panic because you go hiking with excellent guides.


The Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 islands, which is in the north of Scotland. These are islands that contain beautiful and breath-taking places. The trip to the Faroe Islands is mainly dedicated to lovers of mother nature. Indeed, the landscape is exceptional, and the fauna is very vast, with more than 300 species of birds, and sheep that are found everywhere. There is everything there is to enjoy a top-notch holiday: cliffs with breath-taking panoramic views, caves and museums to visit, magnificent beaches, etc. But it is not the only interesting island, there are still several, such as the Seychelles, the Grenadines, the Philippines, etc.


To get the most out of a desert island, it is advisable to organize the trip well and plan all the activities to do. It is necessary to organize in advance visits, excursions, hikes, boat or pirogue trips, etc. in order not to miss anything once there. For hiking, it is essential to bring insect and mosquito repellents because these types of bugs are not lacking in the forests. The ideal is to consult a travel agency because the agencies are very familiar with the places and precautions to be taken and also the places and tours that cannot be ignored on each island. You'll see, you'll be spoilt for choice.