One of the best ways to discover Antarctica is by cruise. This activity has become a major trend and is beginning to attract more tourists and visitors. Unobstructed views, interaction with people from all over the world, culinary discoveries... these are some of the advantages of a cruise. This article will motivate you to choose this option if you plan to travel and discover this continent.


The fourth largest continent on the planet, Antarctica is 98% ice and is the coldest place on Earth. If you are well equipped to face this cold, you can easily venture into this isolated and still intact place. It is even possible to hike on site to further enrich your knowledge. Being in Antarctica will be like being on another planet. You will be surprised and amazed by walking on ice and not on the ground. The fact that this part has always been uninhabited has made it a desert place, certainly, but with such purity that you will never find elsewhere. This continent also contains several hidden lakes and two volcanoes are still active.


Birds, penguins, whales, seals... Antarctica has many fascinating animals. Its isolation has made these animals confident and curious creatures. With the absence of predators, the animals in this region are easily approachable. This means that you will have the opportunity to learn more about these animals with the help of scientists. You can see them in their natural environment, observe their development... something you can never do in parks or zoo.


These icebergs and animals make Antarctica a site that is really appreciated by many photographers. Best place to observe the sky, you will not be disappointed by the landscape. Feel free to capture every moment in a photo. By travelling in this continent, you will also have the chance to experience what it is like to be in a place where the sun does not set during one period of the year and the opposite during the other period. Just choose the right time based on what you want to see and experience. A trip to Antarctica will leave its mark on your life forever. It should be noted that few people have such a privilege. So, enjoy your stay and have fun.