A lot has been said about international trips, such that we all crave for it. We would love to travel across the world, had there been no restrictions and procedures on traveling. You can choose Dubai as your vacation destination for a great time. Dubai is a marvelous tour place where one can easily get carried away by the development that the country has made in the recent years. However, one cannot travel just like that to Dubai. A valid passport and visa are required to fly to Dubai. Longing for Dubai, but not sure how to get a Dubai visa? Here are the steps to get a Dubai Visa:

Method 1: 30-day tourist visa

If you are a national of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia, you do not need a visa to visit Dubai. However, a valid passport is a must. Thus, the members of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are exempted from visa. You can also apply for the visa if you are authorized for an on-arrival visa. There are certain countries who can claim the on-arrival visa facility. You can check with the local UAE consulate for further guidance on an on-arrival visa. This visa is free of cost. Once you have got the visa, get it stamped at Dubai International Airport. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents required at the checkpoint. The immigration officer will ask you to produce the valid documents. Your passport must be valid for at least next 6 months once you have departed for Dubai. Once you are done with all the formalities, the customs check will assist you in getting the visa.

Method 2: Sponsored Tourist Visa

Check the expiry date of your passport. It should be valid for the next 6 months once you fix your Dubai dates. You can head for the immigration counter to fulfill the formalities to get the on-arrival visa. You will need a sponsored tourist visa if you do not belong to the above-listed countries. You can choose your sponsor such as corporate, relative, airlines and so on. Scan the passport’s detail page, itinerary, and the reason for your visit to Dubai. Send the colored scan copy. You will receive your visa via email or fax once it is approved. Do not forget to collect the hard copy of visa once you land at Dubai International Airport. An amount of 210 UAE dirhams must be paid as visa fees. A deposit of 1000 dirham must be kept as a security deposit which will be refunded upon your departure from Dubai. These are the 2 methods to obtain a Dubai Visa. It is neither difficult nor a lengthy process to get Dubai Visa. All you need is constant follow up with the officials. Once you clear your visa interview, the visa will be granted to you. Follow these simple steps and get your Dubai Visa easily. Let us know your opinion on getting a Dubai tourist visa.