Maine is nature’s paradise and there are plenty of activities to be carried out. The following are the 8 things to see and do when you are in Maine.

Try the Lobster

Maine is popular for lobster. If you love lobster and cannot control the mere sight of this seafood, try out the local restaurant or eateries. You can also try the popular West Street Cafe s they are popular for seafood along with other cuisines and desserts. End your meal with banana foster.

Vintage Shopping

There are many shopping centres at Maine that will keep tempting you. Ask your tour guide to take you to the antique stores. The prices are very reasonable and bargaining must be avoided. It is better to check with the customs officials about the quantity of products that you can carry back to your country. Also, check on the customs duty.

Art Galleries

Do you have an artistic side? Wanna soothe the creative side of yours’? There are many art galleries in the towns of Rockland and Rockport. These towns are just in the little distance and can be easily reached. The Farnsworth Art Museum is very popular and calls the attention of all art lovers. You can also purchase the items which are offered on sale.

Visit the Local Vineyards

Yet to experience the winemaking process? Longing to visit a vineyard? There are many vineyards that offer a wine tour and wine tasting. Complimentary wine tasting is also allowed. The winery is beautifully decorated and it is a great sight for a wine lover to see thousands’ of wine variants stored at a single place. The beer lovers do not have to disappoint. The Atlantic Brewing company at Bar Harbour can be tried for the fresh beer.


A vacation needn’t necessarily always be for entertainment. How about gaining some business knowledge? One can visit the industrial area where one can see some great stores, fun cafes and boutiques. The old port also has some great restaurants that cater to your appetite.

Bar Harbour Inn View

Book the Bar Harbour Inn so that you do not miss the oceanic view. The services are the best at Bar Harbour Inn and most of the rooms are ocean facing side. If you are planning to stay indoors, prefer your balcony and enjoy the oceanic view. It is mesmerizing to watch the waves moving to and fro. The sound of the waves is so soothing to the ears.

Hit the Outlets

Window shopping is also fun to be carried out at Maine. Do hit the outlets in your free time.