If you are planning to visit Athens and are still in a confused state, here are 8 reasons to visit Athens:

A city of monuments

Athens reflects Greek Civilization which has a rich history. One can get to see various ancient monuments and Temples. Acropolis is the most popular one as it is located at the centre of the hill and is surrounded by the temples. You can also visit Parthenon which is the temple of Goddess Athena. Do not miss to visit the Archaeological museum.

Greek cuisine

If you’re a foodie and wish to try something new, how about trying a Mediterranean diet? The Greek salad is famous across the globe and is considered to be delicious and nutritious. The fish lovers must try the authentic fish recipes and curries. Pork meat, tomato & Onion and French fries are the traditional and staple food of Greeks.


The seas and beaches aren’t far from Athens. The summers can be so relieving due to these water bodies. One can easily commute to these beaches and sea just to spend a calm and serene time without any hassle.


No matter what hobbies you have, no matter what you love, Athens has many activities to entertain the tourists. There are many pubs and bars who just not offers drinks but also has live music to entertain the crowd. The night clubs also host parties and dance shows. There are many spots for coffee and chocolate lovers as well.

Olympic Games

Greece was the first one to start the culture of Olympics. This is an event for the sports industry and is worth watching. Athens hosted Olympics in 1896 and it was a huge success. It is still considered as one of the best places to host Olympic games.

Origin of theatre

 Might you love live plays and theatres? Ever wondered about it’s origination. The first plays were written in Athens in praise of God Dionysus. The Plays were categorized into comedy, tragedy and Satyr. There are many Theatre festivals in Athens. Be fortunate enough to be a part of them.

Day trips

Running short of time, but would love to explore Athens? One can plan a day trip to several places which are closely located to Athens. The nearest one is Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. It is just an hour’s journey. You can also plan for Mikines which is 2 hours from the city. Nafplio was the first capital of Ancient Greece and is worth for a day trip. If you are longing for a traditional place, Arahova is just apt for you.


Do not hunt for some branded clothes at the shopping streets of Athens. If you love antiques and traditional stuff, explore the streets of Athens to collect some of the best stuff.