Bangalore has its own charm. Be it exploring the city or loafing around the city, you will find many places worth visiting. The following are the best places to visit around Bangalore.


It is 50 kilometres away from Bangalore city. If you love hiking, the first place that you must try is Ramanagaram. Who haven’t heard of the epic movie Sholay? The movie was shot at Ramanagaram, hence it is also known as Sholay hills. This town is popular for the silk industry. It also has Ramadevarabetta Vulture Sanctuary, thereby saves the species of vulture from extinction. Rock climbing is also carried out by the professionals. There are many night trek group which organizes frequent trips. You can be a part of them. If you haven’t been at this place, do not wait now. Plan your 1-day trip.

Nandi Hills

Nandi hills are just 60 kilometers away from the Bangalore city. It is an old hill fort which is 1479 meters away from the sea level.  It is popular for sunrise and sunset. It was a summer retreat for Tipu Sultan once upon a time. You can also see the drop point once you reach the hilltop. The enemies or the betrayers were thrown from this point, hence it is known as a drop point. One can also spend some time at Lake Amrita Sarovar. The other two tourist’s spots are Yoga Nandishvara Temple, Gandhi Nilayam. There are food joints and restaurants at the hilltop. One can expect vegetarian food. The Lodging facilities are also provided by the Government. However, prior booking is mandatory.

Mekedatu Falls

It is 93 kilometres away from Bangalore city. It means goat’s leap in the local language of Karnataka. It is popular as a picnic spot. The river Kaveri and Arkavathi meet at a place and it is known as Sangam. They then flow through a hard granite rock which forms the Mekedatu falls. It is a spectacular waterfall where one can click some beautiful pictures. The Chunchi falls can also be visited as it is also very popular. You can also participate in Mekedatu cycling tour to experience nature from very close.


It is 4 kilometers from Kolar. There is a temple located at the base of the mountain. Anthargange is full of rocks and stones, hence one has to be careful while trekking. If you love adventures, do try rappelling at Anthargange with the help of professionals. Rock climbing is also carried out at Anthargange. You can opt for a day trek or a night trek depending upon your schedule. You will be amazed to see the caves at the hilltop. There are no food joints or any eateries at the hilltop; hence one has to be well prepared before heading for the place. There are lots more places around Bangalore which must be covered. Do visit these places and share your experience with us. Let us know your favorite place.