Planning for a Goa trip, not sure what to do? Here are the 8 best things that you must try out in Goa:


If you are a fashion junkie, what better than shopping at Goa. Street shopping is better in Goa. The beach wear,antique jewelry, accessories, and jholas can be best purchased in Goa. The prices very reasonable,especially during the off season. Go grab a few of them for your loved ones.

Get a Tattoo

If you are one among them who loves getting inked, tattoos are just for you. You will find many vendors who have a huge collection of tattoo designs. Catch a hold of them, negotiate slightly on the prices and take a temporary tattoo done. However, it is always better to get  tattoos done by a professional.

Taste the food

Goa is a perfect place for the seafood lovers. Try out the fishes, prawns, crabs and other species of sea. Try out the local dishes as well. You can also hire a Goan cook and get the original taste of the Goan food.

Visit beaches

Goa and beaches are synonymous. The calm and serene beaches will offer you a great time. The Baga and Candolim beaches are the popular beaches of Goa. You can order a hookah on the beach and enjoy the flavors. There are many water sports activities to be tried out in Goa.Do opt for them.

Be on a cruise

There are many live cultural programs carried out in a cruise. Just check the timings and book your tickets in advance. The Goan dance is such a joy to watch.

Visit the churches

The ancient churches are a must visit in Goa. One can see some of the oldest churches in Goa. The architecture of these churches will leave you awestruck. Do not forget to light a candle and pray. You never know if your wish gets fulfilled.

Ride a bike

Love riding a bike? Want to try a bullet? There are many dealers that rents a bike. You can pay security deposit and hire a bike. A bullet is worth a ride.


Who wouldn’t love to pamper the body? We all want those soothing and calm massages that will just not rejuvenate the body cells, but will also calm the mind. There are many Ayurvedic centers that caters to the needs of human body. They are the authorized centers who have the know-how to pamper your body. The ancient healings and medicines are a boon to this generation. Find out an Ayurvedic center and choose the best therapy to suit your needs. Hope this article has thrown you insight on the best things to be carried out in Goa. Plan your vacation well in advance. Make a list of things that you would want to carry out in Goa. Book prior appointments and make your holiday the best one. Do share your experience with us and let us know if your trip was worth your time and money.