Travelling, the word itself titillates our senses and fills us with enthusiasm and excitement. Summer is upon us and it is time for the vacation. It is the time for fun and to relax and get away from the work, worries and the chaos. Vacation is a quality time for oneself and it recharges us for future commitments. Vacation is necessary for a boost up in the monotonous life which we lead daily and obviously to rejuvenate our senses. Vacation is the only time to be stress-free and to be away from the real world. But planning a perfect vacation is a big task as nobody wants to ruin their vacation because of any small mistake. A few tips of proper planning can make your trip memorable and tension free. Nobody is a born planner, but taking care of some small important things can lead you to plan your trip flawlessly and make your vacation fun-filled. It is very important to decide upon the destination for your vacation as it will help you make arrangements properly without any faults. The first and the foremost step for planning a trip are prior booking of hotels and mode of transportation to be used, as the travel agencies offer discounts which you can’t get sometimes on the last minute bookings. A pre-booking can lead you in a better way without any burden in your mind. One should not be dependent on the first travel agent whom you come across, as there are various agencies which may offer you better packages. So you should always compare the cost and go for the cheapest deals available so that your vacation does not ruin your budget. Another important thing to be kept in mind is making a call and confirming your hotel bookings to avoid a chaotic situation because it can turn you in a stressful situation if you reach your destination and ending up in not finding a room in the hotel. People often like to travel in their own vehicle. So in order to avoid any trouble one should get the car properly checked from a good mechanic before hitting on the road as it will save you from getting stuck on the roadside. The most important and last but not the least point to be remembered is to pack the luggage which should be done two-three days prior from the trip as it will not create a fuss and you will have ample time to pack all necessary things. We should pack only required things and that too according to the weather of the place to be visited. Packing up essentials and pair of shoes is significant as it will let you be in comfort and you can avoid the tension of handling big luggage. The key to a stress-free vacation is to plan your trip with your dear ones and keeping a distance from your office calls and work, so that the fun can be endless and the trip can be proved to be real stress-buster.