Going on a trip and choosing a romantic destination is the dream of every couple. But where to go? What are the best destinations in this world to enjoy your half and the time spent together?


The best way to travel as a couple doing what you love in Italy is certainly to choose the tailor-made travel formula in Italy with tour operators like Authentic World for example. In this country you can take a trip to Venice, the dream destination of all lovers. You can then hold your partner's hand in the narrow alleys or take a gondola ride along the canals while admiring the magnificent palaces and colourful houses along the shore. Afterwards, you can go to Verona and see Juliette Capulet's famous balcony from Shakespeare's famous play "Romeo and Juliette". You will also be able to enjoy the Castelvecchio Castle, the Piazza dei Signori palaces, the Scaliger Bridge, admire the city in Piazza Bra, etc.


If you are a couple who love to take selfies as a couple, Seoul is probably the destination for you. In this city, you will be able to go to the N Seoul Tower where you can take pictures of yourself and your couple on heart chairs or close to the padlocks of love. You are then advised to go to Nami Island, which is 60 km from Seoul. On this island you will be impressed by its poplars and chestnut trees that have been arranged so that you have a wonderful background for your photos. Don't forget to go to the DIY Ring Café in Hongdae where you can make your own jewellery souvenir.


If the budget allows, you can invite your half to spend a stay in French Polynesia. In this country, you will have the chance to enjoy a good tan on the beaches of Bora Bora after diving with the colourful fish, then continue your journey with vanilla mojitos or tuna-based ahi tuna. And why not have a little whim in a helicopter while flying over Mount Otemanu.