Bangalore being the IT capital of India is not exempted from spirits and ghosts. There are plenty of gardens in the city and so are the ghosts. Not, all the parks and cemetery are haunted; however, there are places which are haunted. People have reported of seeing a ghost. Some of you may not believe in the supernatural powers. However, do visit the following places in Bangalore and experience the spirits all by yourself:

Bangalore Airport

Thousands of people are found at Bangalore Airport as travel is in everyone’s calendar. It would be really shocking to know that Bangalore Airport is haunted. It was happen a couple of years back when a pilot happens to see a lady strolling across the runaway. The authorities caught the lady, however, she disappeared suddenly. This created a stir among the airport officials and they still believe that the ghosts exist. The taxi drivers also had similar kind of experience at the airport. Thus, be careful next time, if you are asked to stop by a lady.

Victoria Hospital

You will find hungry ghosts at victoria hospital. The food packets that were left under a tree at the hospital premises went missing. This creates a curiosity among the people and they placed the food packets under the tree just to catch the culprit. To their surprise, they saw a lady roaming in the hospital and picking up the food packets. It is said that a lady died at the hospital premises and the ghost still wanders in the hospital.

Kalpalli Cemetery

Want to see some spirits? The Kalpalli Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Bangalore. It is said that the spirits leave their grave in the midnight and walk around the cemetery. They disappear when they are approached. You will also feel that you are being constantly eyed at Kalpalli Cemetery. People have experienced suffocation at particular spots in the cemetery. Still need reasons to visit this haunted place? Do check your guts out and visit this place after the sunset. I am not sure how long will you survive at the place. However, you can always share your experience once you are of the place.

Terra Vera

It is an ancient mansion which was built in the year 1943.  It is said that EJ Vaj gifted this mansion to his 2 daughters. His daughter Dolce was stabbed to death in the mansion and the body was buried. She was a piano teacher and people still hear the music played in the mansion. Who else can play the piano in the deserted mansion except Dolce? Do not be scared to see the headless statue of Jesus inside the house. An inverted cross is also seen in the mansion. These are the haunted places in Bangalore and most of the people are aware of it. They do not even venture around the areas as the fear of ghosts and spirits keeps them away. Let us know if you have had any experiences at these haunted places.