If you are a travel freak, London can be your next destination. The sophisticated English culture will keep you awestruck. One must plan the trip as there are ample things to be carried out in London.  Wondering what to do in a London? Here are the best ways to spend a day in London:

Buckingham Palace

The Duke of Buckingham built the Buckingham Palace. It is considered as a token of love as it was gifted to the Queen. It is now the principal workplace of the monarchy of United Kingdom. Do spend some time at the garden of Buckingham Palace.

The Tower Of London

The Tower Of London was built by William the conqueror. It is a historic castle. It is situated at the north bank of River Thames. Do visit the Tower Bridge and do not forget to take a walk on the bridge. You will cherish the moments.

The House of Parliament

A lot has been talked about it. If you are running short of time, have a look from outside. However, nothing can beat the inside view of The House of Parliament. It was home to English lawmakers. It was also used to host the most important events during those times.


If you are in London and you haven’t visited pubs, you got to think once again. Yes, London pubs are worth a visit. If you can feel the taste of the drinks, do try out some exotic wine and beer. There are many London breweries and vineyards which offer some of the most authentic drinks. Experience the British style in your own way. The pubs are slightly expensive but are manageable.

The South Bank

As the name suggest, The South Bank lies at the South bank of River Thames. One cannot afford to miss such a mesmerising sight. The best time to be at The South Bank is during the sunrise and the sunset. If you are carrying some extra time, walk towards the west to see HMS Belfast and London’s City Hall. Walk little further just to see the recreation of Shakespeare’s famous Globe theatre. The architecture of Globe theatre will leave you spellbound. Hope the article had made sense to you. As a first time tourist to London, it is better to know about the city and the tourist spots. One can also save time if one can plan their schedule in advance as London has many places to be explored. The art lovers can visit many art galleries to capture a glimpse of creativity. Do not miss to watch a play at some of the renowned theatres’ of London. You can book your tickets in advance though there are multiple shows running in different theatres’. The churches can also be visited and trust me, the architect will leave you amazed. Do visit the London and share your experience with us.