India is just not a place for pilgrimages. It has diverse activities to be carried out. If you love adventures, India has ample places to explore. Bungee jumping really needs guts, and if you have some, do try it out. Want to know Best bungee jumping locations in India? Here is the list with the best bungee jumping destinations and the organizers.


Jumping Heights in Rishikesh is the safest and preferred bungee jumping provider in India. The activity can be carried out from a fixed platform and Jumping Height is the only place in India which offers this kind. The cantilevered platform is set which is 83 feet above the grown. One single jump would cost you Rs. 2500/-. The thrill and adventure are worth the bucks.


This garden city has bungee jumping options. Ozone conducts bungee jumping from the height of 80 feet above the ground. The crane supports the equipment. Anyone who is above 18 years can participate in the bungee jumping activities. One can contact ozone adventures for the same.


Wanderlust in Delhi is a suitable place for bungee jumping. Do not set your expectations too high. It is a decent bungee jumping location, but you will definitely get a feel of it. The equipment is imported from Germany and the staff members are trained in Germany. Hence, wanderlust is completely reliable in terms of safety. The crane jump is set 130 feet above the ground. You will definitely have a thrilling experience after jumping from 130 feet above the ground.


Goa is just not about water sports. It also has bungee jumping location. Gravity zone in Goa is known for bungee jumping. It is situated near Anjuna beach. Each jump will cost you Rs. 500 which is quite affordable. The jumping is just set 25 feet above the ground level. It can be chosen by the beginners as the height is very low. You can shed your inhibitions by trying at Gravity Zone. All the safety measures have been taken. Be assured.


This scenic place also has bungee jumping location. Heard of Della Adventures? It is the largest adventure parks in India. The bungee jumping platform is set 45 feet above the ground. Each jump will cost you Rs. 1500 and it will last for 4-5 minutes. People who are aged above 10 can try our bungee jumping. Hope this article has been useful to you. India has ample locations to carry out various activities. All that need are enthusiasm and the zeal to find out the places. Talk about scuba diving, skydiving, paragliding and other adventurous activities, India has some of the best destinations. One can easily organize a trip and experience the adventure. If you have always been thinking to carry out bungee jumping but were lacking proper information on it, do contact the above-mentioned destinations. Plan your trip and be prepared for the adrenaline rush. Let us know your experience.