If you are a traveler, you would understand the importance of apps when you’re lost in a new place,can’t remember your itinerary, need to find the best hotel deal and so on. With the inclusion of countless apps in the market place each year, it can be difficult to find the best ones for use. But there are some apps that should be installed in your phone at all times. Here are five apps that can make travelling easier and more fun because there’s no way you can go wrong with these:


One of the most time consuming things to do when planning your trip is to look up the best ad must visit places in a locality. Although finding a list of must-visits isn’t difficult, but figuring out the ones that offers the best experience is. It can become difficult especially when you have limited time. Localeur is an app that suggests the best places to visit by locals. Anyone who contributes has a profile and writes about their favorite spots in their city giving first hand reviews.


There is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere, unfamiliar with the region’s language, and unable to communicate with the locals. Take yourself out of such a situation by using Quizlet that features a wide range of languages with the ability to make your own flashcards for practice or browse others for more knowledge.


This is a must have for everyone and not just travelers.Since travelers have family back home, it’s important to let them know you’re safe and sound on your adventure trip. The skype app will work in a Wi-Fi zone allowing you to keep in touch with folks back home.


TripAdvisor is every traveler’s favorite and must have app as it ranks restaurants, hotels, sights, and bars on a five point rating scale. You can read a number of reviews from people who have visited the place allowing you to make an easier decision whether it’s worth your time and money. Without TripAdvisor, many travelers would be left in the dark about the best places and offerings.


Airbnb boasts over 1,000,000 listings for hotel bookings and the options for rentals aren’t limited either. There are listings for every range of budget and includes supply of apartments, rooms and sofas too to accommodate just about everyone. However, using the app might be a bit different from other hotel booking sites such as having to authenticate your identity and working out logistics with the host but you’ll soon find it to be worth it.

Sports Betting App

While travelling, make sure you are not forgoing your favorite shows and sports. Bookmakers like William Hill made useful apps for sports fans which allow users to access it easily on any device like smartphones and may be able to bet anywhere you are. It is a perfect fit app for travelers and sport fans since it is easy to access and useful. You can also visit football website at William Hill to keep up-to-date with recent matches and odds of your favorite football teams. Apps and smartphones have made it easier for travelers to stay connected on the go so make sure you are making full use of your resources.